The barriers to cross-border mobility between Ireland and Northern Ireland are similar to those reported in other EU border regions. They include:

  • Lack of clear information
  • Differences in social welfare
  • Complex tax systems
  • Retirement and pension entitlement
  • Access to healthcare
  • Housing
  • Recognition of qualifications
  • Access to trained cross-border advisors

While the project currently helps individuals navigate around obstacles, the project has prepared a series of briefing papers  which highlight significant barriers to mobility in the hope that they can encourage decision makers to find a way to minimise or eliminate the barriers altogether.

Briefing paper No 1 – Family benefits

The first paper explains the complexities of Cross Border Family Benefits and is now used extensively on both sides of the border – Cross Border Family Benefits Briefing Paper (pdf)

Briefing paper No 2 – Student flows

The second paper highlights Barriers to Student Flow between Jurisdictions (pdf).

Briefing paper No 3 – Cross-border info

The third paper examines Cross Border Information Provision in Europe and compares with the service in Ireland / Northern Ireland

Briefing paper No 4 – Taxation

The fourth paper highlights issues with cross-border taxation.

Briefing paper No 5 – Free movement of people

The fifth paper raises the issues with Free Movement of People and UK EU Referendum

Briefing paper No 6 – Brexit Concerns

The sixth paper raises areas of concern for users of the Border People project – Border People Briefing – Brexit Concerns

Michael MacDonagh and Donal Moran, North South Ministerial Council Joint Secretariat launch the Border People Briefing Papers - 20 November 2014

Michael MacDonagh and Donal Moran, North South Ministerial Council Joint Secretariat launch the Border People Briefing Papers – 20 November 2014

Other useful mobility reports

MEMBER STATE DATA on cross-border healthcare following Directive 2011/24/EU Year 2015.

An Analysis of Existing Statistics on Student Flows Between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in Higher Education and Further Education, Joint Report by the Department for Employment and Learning and the Department of Education and Skills, June 2015

Support for Entrepreneurship in NI and RO, Briefing Paper prepared for the Northern Ireland Assembly, May 2015

Census 2011, Ireland and Northern Ireland [PDF] , Central Statistics Office, Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, 2014

EU Citizenship Report 2013: EU citizens: your rights, your futurepdf icon[2MB], Report from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions

Information services for cross-border workers in European border regions, pdf icon[PDF 2MB],  Association of European Border Regions, 2012

A study of obstacles to cross-border undergraduate education,pdf icon [ PDF0.9MB], commissioned in 2011 by IBEC-CBI and EURES Cross Border Partnership

Measuring Mobility in a Changing Island pdf icon [PDF 2MB], commissioned in 2010 by EURES Cross Border Partnership

Scientific Report on the Mobility of Cross-Border Workers within the EU-27/EEA/EFTA Countries pdf icon[PDF 1.5MB], commissioned in 2009 by European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs

The Study of Obstacles to Mobility  pdf icon[PDF 1.2MB], commissioned in 2001 by the North/South Ministerial Council (NSMC) prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Indecon Economic Consulting

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For further information please contact Annmarie O’Kane, Border People Project Manager, borderpeople@qub.ac.uk or Tel 028 3751 5291