Child Benefit in Ireland

Child Benefit (previously known as Children’s Allowance) is payable to the parents… Read more

Child Benefit in Northern Ireland

Child Benefit is a monthly  payment made to anyone bringing up a… Read more

Child Immunisation Programme in Ireland

In Ireland, all the recommended childhood immunisations listed are free of charge.  … Read more

Child Immunisation Programme in Northern Ireland

During the Childhood Immunisation Programme in Northern Ireland, a baby usually has… Read more

Child Maintenance

A parent who does not live with their child still has a… Read more

Child Tax Credits

Cross border entitlement to Working and Child Tax Credits can be complicated.… Read more

Child Trust Fund – Northern Ireland

Child Trust Fund (CTF) was a savings and investment account for children… Read more


North There is a variety of childcare options available to parents in… Read more

Children’s Health Services in Ireland

Children in Ireland are dependants of their parents and have the same… Read more

Education system

North Northern Ireland has a very high standard of education with over… Read more
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