Migrant workers...

Migrant workers in Northern Ireland

If you are coming to Northern Ireland (NI) to work there are… Read more

Minimum wage in Ireland

Generally, the amount of pay you receive for working in Ireland is… Read more

Minimum wage in Northern Ireland

An employer must pay their workers a minimum amount as defined by… Read more

National Insurance Contributions in Northern Ireland

You pay National Insurance contributions to build up your entitlement to certain… Read more

National Insurance Number – Northern Ireland

To live or work in Northern Ireland you need to have a… Read more

Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) – Ireland

Most employers and employees (over 16 years of age) pay social insurance… Read more

Personal Public Service (PPS) Number – Ireland

If you want to live or work in the Republic of Ireland… Read more

Qualifications in Ireland and Northern Ireland – comparisons

There are many different types of awards and qualifications available in Ireland… Read more

Registering for tax in Ireland

If you are working in Ireland for the first time you need… Read more

Registering for tax in Northern Ireland

Income Tax is a tax on income. Not all income is taxable… Read more
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