Changes in Irish Government Departments

The following changes in departments and ministerial responsibilities have been announced: The… Read more

Frontier Workers – Maternity Benefits [December 2008]

The purpose of this information sheet is to provide a simple but… Read more

Frontier Workers – Becoming Unemployed [September 2008]

This is a guide explaining unemployment benefits for frontier workers.  Social welfare… Read more

Frontier Workers – State Pensions

The purpose of this information sheet is to provide a useful guide… Read more

Frontier Workers – Tax [September 2008]

The purpose of this article is to provide a simple but useful… Read more

Frontier Workers – Health Entitlements

One of the key obstacles to mobility faced by many frontier workers… Read more

Training and Reporting on European Social Security (TRESS) Seminar

How the EU Regulations on Social Security can remove obstacles to migration… Read more

Mutual Recognition of Driving Disqualification

Mutual recognition and driver disqualifications On 28 January 2010 Ireland and the… Read more

EU Citizens to Benefit from EU Coordination Rules

The new regulations on social security coordination which came into force in… Read more

Budget 2011 – Cross border impact

Irish Budget 2011 – Cross Border Impact It is inevitable that the… Read more
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