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Cross-border travel and movements analysis paper published by Department of the Economy NI

22 March 2018, Department of the Economy Northern Ireland

The Department for the Economy has published an analysis paper on cross border travel and movements.

Cross-border travel and movements between Northern Ireland and Republic of  Ireland  (ROI) are extensive and, for many people, a regular feature of everyday life. People make cross-border journeys for a wide variety of reasons including to work, study, shop, visit friends and family, or as tourists.

The paper examines the extent of the movement of people across the Northern Ireland – ROI land border and the role it plays in the economies of Northern Ireland and Ireland. It also examines movements between GB and ROI.

There is no one complete and definitive data source that records the number and purpose of all cross border movements between Northern Ireland / Great Britain and the ROI.

The paper considers wide a range of sources in order to examine the number, location and purpose of cross border trips.  Modelled estimates suggest that the total number of person border crossings is around 110 million annually.

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