BREXIT – Currently your rights and entitlements as EU citizens continue unchanged.
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Briefing Paper – Brexit Concerns

First published December 2017, updated February 2018.

Given that the aim of the Border People project is to provide information to citizens who cross the Irish border for a wide range of activities (including to live, work, study and retire) the project team is keenly observing the negotiations between the UK and the remaining 27 EU Member States. We understand that until this is complete the exact implications cannot be confirmed, however, while negotiations continue so do the lives of people already affected by the border.

We know that currently (December 2017) the UK remains an EU Member State and as EU citizens our rights, entitlements and obligations remain unchanged until the UK leaves the EU on 29th March 2019 or possibly beyond that date should the UK and EU agree a transition period.

The ongoing negotiations will form the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement (WA) with the EU, but it will not apply to all citizens; so understanding whether or not a person falls within the scope of that agreement is essential.

For example (as at December 2017[1])

Falling within the scope of the WA – Students, retirees and workers who have already exercised their EU rights before the UK’s exit

Outside the scope of the WA – Individuals, who plan to move, take up employment or education after the UK’s exit

It is also important to note that while the impacts of Brexit will be wide ranging, the Withdrawal Agreement will not include them all.

  • Brexit affects all citizens
  • Withdrawal agreement does not apply to all EU, Irish or UK citizens
  • Withdrawal agreement will not address all areas of change

The Border People Project remains committed to informing you of all relevant changes – within or without the scope of the Withdrawal Agreement.

The December assurances are not set in stone, so it is important to remember ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’! Until then we consider it important that we track the path of the negotiations and to highlight areas of concern for citizens as they continue to live their border lives. The Border People website is currently being redeveloped and will be populated with areas of concern relevant to each topic and target group. This paper sets out to highlight some of the most important issues.

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Border People Briefing – Brexit Concerns