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FAQs: Migration

Border People provides case studies and frequently asked questions (FAQs) illustrating the dilemmas facing people who cross the border and suggest ways to resolve these.

These are real genuine problems identified by users of the website coupled with advice from staff of the Borderwise project, a cross-border initiative developed in partnership between Citizens Advice (Northern Ireland) and Citizens Information Board (Ireland).

Q:  I am an Indian National. I have been working in Ireland for almost a year.  Now I have got a job in Northern Ireland and would like to move.  Can you let me know about the things that I need to be aware of while moving from Ireland to NI like driving licence,car insurance, road tax and other documents that i need to carry along.

A: There are immigration issues in relation to your move to NI and I would suggest you contact a specialised immigration advisor in relation to these.  I would suggest the Law Centre in Belfast (04890244401) or any Citizens Advice Bureau  – most of which have  Immigration Advisors.

Provided you have a valid Irish driving licence you can use this to drive in NI until you are 70 years of age; alternatively you can exchange your Irish licence for an NI one.  There is no Vehicle Registration Tax in NI but there is Road Tax payable to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency .