Crossing the border to work

For many people in the two jurisdictions, crossing the border frequently is an intrinsic part of their working lives.

Many find that the development of an island economy (business development and expansion) may necessitate work placements on either side of the border.  Many people wish to move across the border in pursuit of employment opportunities.

The Border People website acts as a ‘one-stop shop’ for people who work or plan to work across the border in detailing entitlements, rights etc. as well as acting as a general information resource on the respective jurisdictions .

Information relevant to those who work across the border is tagged by category (health, taxation etc.), life event (studying, moving etc.), target group (frontier workers, parents etc.) – making the process of finding information as easy as possible.

You can browse through all the information records on this site relating to both jurisdictions using the button below.

Alternatively if you have a specific query, you can use the search box below – refining you search by theme (commute, work, live, study) as applicable to your situation.

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