Agriculture and food industries training

North The Department of Agriculture, Enrironment and Rural Affairs  (DAERA) has responsibilities… Read more


North There is a variety of childcare options available to parents in… Read more

Education system

North Northern Ireland has a very high standard of education with over… Read more

Eleven Plus / Transfer Test in Northern Ireland

The 11 Plus was officially discontinued in Northern Ireland, but has re-emerged… Read more

Pre-school Education

South Early Years Education in Ireland covers the period from birth to… Read more

Qualifications in Ireland and Northern Ireland – comparisons

There are many different types of awards and qualifications available in Ireland… Read more

Studying in Ireland

Ireland offers a diverse range of higher education institutions from traditional Universities… Read more

Studying in Ireland – Exemption from Irish

The Department of Education and Skills allows students in Ireland to apply… Read more

Studying in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland the higher education sector consists of three well respected… Read more


North The Department of Education website contains information on the Universities and… Read more
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