Brexit and the Irish Border dilemma

31 July 2017, The Irish Times More than a year after the … Read more

‘Flexible and imaginative’ approach to Irish border needed to maintain common travel area

18 July 2017, The Irish Independent. Addressing the impact of Brexit on… Read more

Brexit is the ‘chess game of our lives,’ says Emily O’Reilly

17 July 2017, The Irish Times British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly hears ‘frictionless, seamless’… Read more

Brexit ‘exacerbates’ NI divisions, says House of Lords

19 July 2017, BBC News The Brexit debate appears to have “exacerbated… Read more

A frictionless Border is impossible, an invisible one undesirable

15 July 2017, The Irish Times Michel Barnier’s recent dismissal of the… Read more

Brexit: Coveney says ‘tech alone will not solve border issue’

17 July 2017, BBC News Technical solutions alone will not solve the… Read more

A hard Irish border is quite possible, a fractionless one is an oxymoron

Dr Katy Hayward (Queen’s University Belfast) outlines a ‘practical’ summary of the… Read more

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU

27 June 2017, BBC News. What does it mean for Northern Ireland?… Read more

Brexit may be a disaster for Ireland, but solutions can be found to minimise damage from its impact

5 July 2017, The Irish Independent Put simply, Brexit is a disaster… Read more

Border checks to rise tenfold after Brexit

17 May 2017, The Irish Examiner Brexit will trigger a tenfold increase… Read more
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