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Dutch woman resident in UK for 30 years may have to leave after Brexit

14 January 2017, The Guardian,

Jet Cooper, who has raised three children here and whose husband is ill, told she may not qualify for permanent residency without private health insurance.

A Dutch woman who has lived with her British husband in Devon for 30 years has learned from the immigration minister, Robert Goodwill, that she may not have the right to stay in the country after Brexit. Jet Cooper and her husband, who has been diagnosed with a serious illness, asked their MP, Sarah Wollaston, to seek clarification from Goodwill about her right to remain in Britain after the EU referendum.

The couple were alarmed to discover, via two three-page letters from Goodwill, that Jet may not be eligible to remain in the country because she had not taken out private health insurance and because she may not have earned sufficient revenue in the years during which she freelanced.  Read the full article

This article highlights that some EU nationals living in the UK require Comprehensive Sickness Insurance in order to be lawfully resident. This may have implications for RoI citizens living in NI!