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Equality of Citizenship and the GFA – the rights of Irish & British Citizens in N. Ireland Post Brexit

19 April 2018, Committee on the Administration of Justice. About CAJ The… Read more

Brexit: UK-Irish relations – EU Committee launches follow-up inquiry

12 January 2018, Lords Select Committee The House of Lords EU Select… Read more

Can mobile roaming be saved after Brexit?

The London School of Economics and Political Science The EU referendum has… Read more

A hard Irish border is quite possible, a fractionless one is an oxymoron

Dr Katy Hayward (Queen’s University Belfast) outlines a ‘practical’ summary of the… Read more

Seminar on the Impact of Brexit on Citizens Rights

28 March 2017, Belfast 5 Takeaways on Brexit – Outlining Possible Scenarios… Read more

Brexit and Social Security in the EU

Centre for European Policy Studies, 17 November 2016. According to the British… Read more

Brexit and state pensions

7 February 2017, House of Commons Library. This Commons Library briefing looks… Read more

Brexit: what impact on those currently exercising free movement rights?

January 2017. This Commons Library briefing paper addresses the question of the… Read more

Brexit: UK-Irish relations

12 December 2016, House of Lords European Union Committee. The House of… Read more

The Rights of EU Nationals in the UK

November 2016. Jean Lambert MEP has published a factsheet on the legal… Read more
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