BREXIT – Currently your rights and entitlements as EU citizens continue unchanged.
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Brexit: what impact on those currently exercising free movement rights?

January 2017.

This Commons Library briefing paper addresses the question of the status, post-Brexit, of EU citizens currently resident in the UK and those British citizens living elsewhere in the EU.

Commons Library Report January 2017


  1.  Migration between the UK and other EU countries
    1.1 EU migrants living in the UK
    1.2 British citizens living in other EU countries
  2. The current, pre-Brexit position on free movement rights
    2.1 EU ‘Free movement’ rights
    2.2 Immigration controls for non-EU nationals
    2.3 Permanent residence
  3.  What was said during the referendum campaign?
  4. 4. What has been said since the referendum?
    4.1 Immediate reaction
    4.2 The Government’s statement following the referendum
    4.3 The Government position
    4.4 Criticism of the Government’s position
    4.5 Polling
  5. 5. How might UK exit affect the free movement rights of British and EU citizens in the long term?

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