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Toll roads in Ireland

Toll roads have been in operation in Ireland since the 1980s.  There are a total of twelveroads in Ireland that impose a toll (levy or charge) on each vehicle using these roads.

A current list toll roads is available on the National Roads Authority website – Tolling information


The National Roads Authority in Ireland has responsibility for overseeing the implementation of tolling throughout Ireland.  Motorists can usually pay by cash or via the eToll system:

eToll – motorists purchase an electronic tag which can be used on all toll roads nationwide. The National Roads Authority also maintains the following website which provides details of tag offerings currently available on the Irish Market –

eFlow – a new barrier free tolling system recently introduced on the M50 in Dublin. Overhead cameras and detectors automatically record electronic tags or vehicle number plates, so motorists can pass through the toll point at normal driving speed.  There are various ways to pay the fee including tag registration, video registration or Pay As You Go – for further information please visit eFlow

Cross-border issues

Government departments on both sides of the border are currently sharing details of drivers who ignore parking penalties or toll charges.

Cross-border travel from Northern Ireland – tolls information – please see NI Direct 

Please read the following press releases for further information:

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