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Taxation of pensions in Ireland

In general all income arising from pensions is subject to taxation.

Occupational pensions

An occupational pension is subject to tax under the PAYE system in exactly the same way as your salary was taxed.  However, if your pension comes from outside Ireland you will usually pay tax in a lump sum annually.

State pension

The State pension is subject to tax however, unlike occupational pensions, there is no system in place for deducting the tax at source. Instead the Revenue commissioner will use a number of ways to reclaim the amount due e.g. reducing your personal allowance and your tax credits.  However, please note that many pensioners do not actually pay any tax because their income is too low.

For further information please visit the Citizens Information website Taxation of pensions section

Cross-Border Issues

Moving to Northern Ireland

If you move to Northern Ireland and you receive your pension from Republic of Ireland you may be exempted from Irish Tax due to the Double Taxation Agreement between Ireland and the UK.  However, you may still be eligible for UK tax.  Usually the Revenue Commissioners will notify your pension provider and instruct them not to deduct income tax at source (PAYE).

Moving to Ireland

Generally your pension will be taxed in your country of residence so if you are resident in the South and you receive your pension from the North, that income is generally taxable in the South.   The tax is usually due to be paid annually in a lump sum.

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