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Renting is a popular alternative to buying a home.  There are a number of options and many organisations that can provide guidance and advice.


  • Impartial information is available on the Citizens Information website.  For further information please visit – Renting a Home
  • Threshold – National Housing Organisation’s website contains information on the rights of tenants, landlords, signing a lease, getting back deposits and ending a tenancy.  For further information please visit
  • Rent Supplement is paid to people living in private rented accommodation who cannot provide for the cost of their accommodation from their own resources.  For further information visit:  Department of Social Protection – – Rent  Supplement.  Citizens Information –  Rent  Supplement
  • Local authorities in Ireland are the main provider of social housing for people who need housing and cannot afford to buy their own homes.  For further information please contact your local authority – Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government – – Local Authorities


  • has been developed by Housing Rights Service and aims to provide reliable independent housing advice and information to the public in Northern Ireland.
  • Impartial information is also available on the NI Direct website.  For further information please visit – Property and Housing
  • The Northern Ireland Housing Executive offers a range of services to people living in socially rented, privately rented and owner occupied accommodation as well as supporting and working with a number of other public bodies.  For further information please visit
  • Housing Benefit is a social security benefit paid by the Housing Executive. It helps people on a low income pay their rent and rates. You do not need to be unemployed to get Housing Benefit. For further information please visit – housing benefit
  • Housing Associations aim to provide affordable rented accommodation to people who need it.  All registered housing associations are members of  the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations, NIFHA.   For further information please email  or visit

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Irish Council for Social Housing –

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