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Personal Public Service (PPS) Number – Ireland

If you want to live or work in the Republic of Ireland you need to get a Personal Public Service (PPS) number.  This number is the equivalent of the National Insurance number in Northern Ireland.

It is a unique identifier for use in any transactions you may have with public bodies or persons authorised by those bodies to act on their behalf.

How to get your PPS number

If you don’t have a number already, you should contact your local PPS Number Allocation Centre who will assist you with the registration process.  You can find contact details for your local office on the Department of Social Protection website – Personal Public Service Number Registration Centres by County

You will be asked to produce documentary evidence of identity and residence in this country. The complete list of documents required can be found on the Department of Social Protection web page – PPS Number – How to Apply

How to find your PPS Number

Your PPS No. can be found on tax documents and it is often on correspondence from a social welfare or tax office. It may also be on your payslip.

Frontier workers

Please note that the PPS number is only valid in the Republic of Ireland. To work in Northern Ireland you will need to apply for a National Insurance number. Please see the following BorderPeople page for further information: National Insurance Number.

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