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National Car Testing (NCT) – Ireland

All cars four years and older must undergo an NCT.

Source: National Car Testing Service –

Applus+ Car Testing Service Ltd, is responsible for the operation of the compulsory vehicle inspection programme in Ireland. This programme which falls under the directive 2009/40/EC is in its eleventh year of operation and its primary aim is to improve road safety and enhance environmental protection by reducing harmful vehicles emissions in Ireland.

All cars four years and older must undergo an NCT.  Test Certificates will be valid for up to 2 years (from the date the test is due to the registration anniversary date two years later).

NCT have a dedicated network of 46 test centre’s throughout the country.  It is possible to book an NCT test online, by telephone, by email or by post. For further information please visit – bookings

The NCT is the equivalent of the MOT in the North

Cross-border issues – FAQ section

Q)  Will my car need its NCT if I have imported it from the U.K. or Northern Ireland where it already received an MOT?

A)  The answer to this question is YES once it is of eligible age for the NCT in Ireland. Imported cars fall under two categories and this depends on when they are imported into Ireland, for more specific information on these categories please contact NCT Customer Services Department on 1890 200 670.

For further information on the importation of your vehicle please contact the Revenue Commissioner –

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