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Mutual Recognition of Driving Disqualification

Mutual recognition and driver disqualifications

On 28 January 2010 Ireland and the UK operated the European Convention on Driving Disqualifications. This meant that a driving disqualification imposed to a licence holder in the UK who is resident in Ireland can be recognised here and the person will not be able to drive in Ireland. Disqualifications imposed in Ireland to licence holders resident in the UK will similarly be capable of being implemented in the UK. Only disqualifications for traffic offences committed between 28 January 2010 and 1 December 2014 were subject to this.

On 1 December 2014 the UK exercised its right to opt out of this Convention so mutual recognition of driving disqualifications between the Republic of Ireland and the UK ceased.

The Irish and UK authorities are working to ensure that the mutual disqualifications provisions are restored as soon as possible.

For further information please visit Road Safety Authority – Penalty points

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