BREXIT – Currently your rights and entitlements as EU citizens continue unchanged.
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Migrant Workers in Ireland

If you are coming to Ireland to work there are a number of rights, responsibilities and obligations depending on where you are coming to Ireland from:

European Economic Area (EEA)

As an EU/EEA national working in Ireland, you are entitled to exactly the same rights as Irish citizens with regard to social welfare, employment rights  and social rights in general. As soon as you come to Ireland you should register for tax and social insurance by applying for a Personal Public Service (PPS) number.

Please note that some exceptions apply to countries that have recently joined the EU.

Outside the European Economic Area

In general a non-EEA national requires an employment permit to take up employment in Ireland. It should be noted that it is an offence for both an employer and an employee if a non-EEA National is in employment without an appropriate employment permit.

Once you have been issued with an employment permit you have all the employment rights of Irish or EU citizens for the duration of the employment permit.

Employment Permit information and application forms may be downloaded from the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation website – – Employment Permits Section

Cross-border issues

Working across the border

  • EU nationals are entitled to look for work across the border
  • For non-EU nationals entitlement to work on one side of the border does not automatically entitle workers to work on the other.
  • The National Insurance number is only valid in Northern Ireland
  • The PPS Number is only valid in the Republic of Ireland

Travelling to / through Northern Ireland

When travelling into Northern Ireland there are a number of important points to note.

  • EU nationals are entitled to travel freely throughout the island of Ireland, North and South.
  • It is very important that non-EU nationals ensure that they have the appropriate travel visa / work visa before crossing the border.  (Entitlement to work on one side of the border does not automatically entitle workers to travel into the other jurisdiction.)  Those without the appropriate documentation may be detained by Immigration control.

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