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Job seeking in Ireland

State employment services

Intreo is a single point of contact for all employment and income supports. Designed to provide a more streamlined approach, Intreo offers practical, tailored employment services and supports for jobseekers  and employers  alike.

Employment Agencies

You will find a full list of employment agencies in the Golden Pages telephone directory . Use the Search facility to find agencies in your local area.

Most of these agencies will have websites where you can register online – they include:

The Press

Another important method of job seeking involves checking Irish newspapers. The best places to look are the Irish Independent each Thursday or on the Irish Times Jobs Board (also in the Friday Business Supplement).  If you’re looking for work in Dublin the Evening Herald carries comprehensive listings daily.

European Employment Services(EURES)

Through the EURES Job Mobility Portal, Irish Jobseekers can look for employment in other European countries and Non-Irish Jobseekers can find out about working in Ireland. Employers can use the same database to help them recruit from, and outside, Europe.

The EURES Cross Border Partnership provides useful advice and guidance for cross border workers, jobseekers and employers based in the North and in the border counties of the South.

Cross border issues

Frontier workers – you must declare your cross-border income in the jurisdiction where you live!

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Updated:  September 2017