BREXIT – Currently your rights and entitlements as EU citizens continue unchanged.
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Health services in Northern Ireland

The Review of Public Administration in Northern Ireland lead to a significant restructuring of the health sector in NI.  In April 2009 four new organisations were established:

  1. A single Health and Social Care Board replaced the existing four Health and Social Services Boards –
  2. A Public Health Agency incorporating and building on the work of the Health Promotion Agency –
  3. A Business Services Organisation providing a range of support functions for the whole of the health and social care system. The Central Services Agency was dissolved and the majority of its services will be undertaken by the new organisation –
  4. A single Patient and Client Council replaced the Health and Social Services Councils –

For further information please visit the website of the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety

Cross-border issues

Frontier workers

If you live in one jurisdiction and work in another you may be eligible for health care both where you live and where you work.

For further information please see Border People – Healthcare for frontier workers


If you are a UK state pensioner living not less than six months in the UK and not more than six months in another EEA member state each year, you will be exempt from NHS charges for while living in the UK, as long as you are not registered as resident in the other EEA member state. This exemption extends to your spouse/civil partner and children (under the age of 16, or 19 if in further education) as long as they are living in the UK with you on a permanent basis for your period of residence in the UK.

For further information please visit Citizens Advice – NHS charges for people from abroad

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