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Health services for older people in Ireland

The HSE provides a wide range of services for people growing older in Ireland. Services for Older People in Ireland – is designed to guide you to the services you or a loved one may need. These might include finding your local public health nurse, learning about day services in your area, applying for your medical card, or looking into nursing home care.

The HSE webpage – Services for Older People in Ireland contains useful information.

The Citizens Information website Health services for older people is another useful source.

Cross-border issues:

  • Northern residents who decide to move to the South for retirement are not entitled to access the NHS in the north on a routine basis, regardless of the fact that they have paid national insurance. They may, subject to a means test, qualify for an Irish medical card which would entitle them to free public healthcare in the South. However if their only income is a UK State Pension they may be automatically entitled to an Irish Medical Card.
  • EU pensioners resident in Ireland and who are in receipt of a qualifying pension, as evidenced by form E121, are entitled to a Medical Card provided they are not subject to Irish social security legislation. Pensioners from the UK must provide proof that they are in receipt of a UK social security pension.
    Read the Medical Card/GP Visit Card National Assessment Guidelines for people aged 70 years and over PDF file prepared by the Citizens Information (April 2013).

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