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Free Travel Scheme for senior citizens in Northern Ireland

Since 2 April 2007, senior citizens have been eligible for free travel on public transport throughout the island of Ireland – senior citizens resident in Northern Ireland can obtain all Ireland free travel at the age of 65 (you must have been resident in Northern Ireland for a minimum of 3 months to be eligible).

Source: – Free bus travel and concessions

If you are 60 or over, or you are a person with a disability you may be entitled to concessionary travel on bus and railway journeys within Northern Ireland.

Please note that the 60+ SmartPass does not entitle the holder to all-Ireland travel.

How to apply

To be eligible to apply for a 60+ SmartPass you must be aged between 60 and 64 and have been resident in Northern Ireland for a minimum of three months.

To be eligible to apply for a Senior Citizen SmartPass you must be aged 65+ and have been resident in Northern Ireland for a minimum of three months.

Application forms can be obtained in the following ways:

  • In person from any manned Translink bus or rail station;
  • By telephoning 0845 600 0049 (Deaf and hard-of- hearing applicants can use the textohone number 028 9038 7505);
  • Filling out the Translink online enquiry form ;
  • Telephoning the Translink Contact Centre on =028 9066 6630; or
  • By emailing applicants must provide their name and full address, including post code.

On completing your form you must take it, in person, to your nearest Translink bus or rail station along with a passport-sized photograph and a choice of the following documentation to prove your age and residency.

Further information is available on NI Direct – 60+/Senior SmartPass

Cross-border and all Ireland Free Travel

Source: NI Direct – 60+/Senior SmartPass

senior (65+) SmartPasses are valid on cross border bus and rail services and can also be used for free public transport journeys undertaken entirely within the Republic of Ireland.
NOTE: 60+ SmartPasses are neither valid on cross border services nor on journeys within the Republic of Ireland

If you live in Northern Ireland and you hold a Northern Ireland Concessionary Travel Pass you may also travel for free on cross-border journeys. However, your spouse, civil partner, cohabitant or companion cannot travel for free on such journeys unless they also hold a Concessionary Travel Pass in their own right.

Journeys covered

Your cross-border journey must start on one side of the border and end on the other side.

You can only use one mode of transport, either bus or train for your journey. You cannot combine these and still travel for free.

You must use one through-ticket for your journey. This means, for example, that you can travel for free by train from Belfast to Dublin, as long as the free ticket you got in Belfast railway station clearly states Dublin as your final destination. The same applies when you travel by bus on cross-border journeys.

NOTE: Your Senior SmartPass is not valid in England, Scotland or Wales

Will my travel pass cover my fare for travelling on the Luas?

Yes. If you are a holder of a social welfare travel pass (smart pass for Northern Irish holders).Pass holders are permitted to free travel on Luas, we ask that you have your pass on your person at all times as tickets are regularly checked on board trams and you will need to present this if requested. If your pass states that it is a companion pass it is ok for your companion to travel freely with you for your journey. If you have any other questions please contact Luas Customer Care.


Participating companies:

Listed below are the major public transport companies who accept Senior (65+) SmartPasses. There may be more so check before you start your journey.

Northern Ireland:

Republic of Ireland:

See also:

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