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Cross-border business

Cross-border trade offers immense opportunities for business expansion, but there are a number of legal and administrative requirements to bear in mind.

Organisations such as  InterTradeIreland have worked with a range of people who deal with these issues on a regular basis to develop clear and to the point guidelines for any small business looking into cross-border business.


InterTradeIreland is the only organisation which has been given responsibility by both Governments to boost North/South economic co-operation to the mutual benefit of Northern Ireland and Ireland.

  • Programmes – InterTradeIreland programmes offer companies practical advice and support in targeting new cross-border business opportunities, sharing expertise to develop new products and processes, and advising high growth companies on attracting equity investment.
  • Research – InterTradeIreland’s research identifies barriers which prevent companies doing business across the island and restricts their growth. It identifies solutions to obstacles in areas like infrastructure, planning, transport, energy, skills, regulatory and fiscal issues and makes recommendations to Government on how they can be overcome.
  • Business Networks – InterTradeIreland brings together networks of companies to help them to become more profitable and competitive through joint marketing, skill-sharing, product or process development, meeting supply needs or co-production opportunities.
  • Financial Assistance Scheme – In addition InterTradeIreland supports viable business initiatives/projects in cases where the promoter has neither the necessary financial resources to advance the project nor access to same from other sources but where the project offers a credible contribution to the achievement of InterTradeIreland objectives as defined in its current Corporate and Operating Plans. Support will be in the form of financial assistance.

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