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Children’s Health Services in Ireland

Children in Ireland are dependants of their parents and have the same entitlement to health services as their parents.  This means that if parents have a medical card, their children are included as a dependant on that card and are entitled to the same range of services as the parents.

There is also a range of services specifically for children with certain services provided free of charge for children even if their parents do not have a medical card.  These types of services include:

  • maternity and infant welfare services
  • health services for pre-school children
  • school health services
  • vaccination and immunisation

For further information please visit the Department of Health – Child health services

Cross-border issues

Frontier workers – If you live in one jurisdiction and work in another you may be eligible for healthcare both where you live and where you work, this may also have implications for your children. Please see Border People / Healthcare for Frontier Workers

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