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There is a variety of childcare options available to parents in Northern Ireland.

  • NI Direct website provides information on all options. It also contains helpful information on Choosing Childcare and Benefits for Parents Going Back to Work.
  • Childcare Partnerships offer information and support to childcare providers, parents and employers. Their aim is to increase the number of childcare places and to ensure high quality affordable childcare for parents across Northern Ireland.  For further information please see the Childcare Partnership Website.


  • The Citizens Information website contains comprehensive information on childcare in Ireland.   For further information please visit Citizens Information– Childcare options.
  • Childminding is the largest sub-sector within childcare in Ireland, and is generally undertaken by self-employed people in their own homes. Childminding is legislated for by the Childcare Act 1991, which is interpreted by the Childcare (Pre-School Services) Regulations 2006.  For further information please visit the National Childminding Association of Ireland.

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