BREXIT – Currently your rights and entitlements as EU citizens continue unchanged.
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Case Study 8

A lady living in Donegal is unemployed and in receipt of Jobseekers Benefit. She has been offered part-time work, a couple of days per week, across the border. She is concerned about losing her entitlement to Jobseekers Benefit for the remaining three days of the week.

Individuals living in the South and claiming Jobseekers benefit CAN take up part-time work in the North and continue to receive reduced Jobseekers Benefit from the South. But it is essential to get confirmation from the local welfare office in advance of taking the job across the border.

Please refer to: EU Recommendation No U1 of 12 June 2009 – “Where persons residing in the territory of a Member State are eligible, under the legislation applicable to them, to receive unemployment benefits, they should be allowed to pursue a part-time professional or trade activity in the territory of another Member State, while retaining entitlement to unemployment benefits provided by the State in which they reside.”

National Insurance shouldn’t paid, instead special PRSI payments will be due!

If issues arise about payment of National Insurance in the North it can be sorted out by the Special Collections Section which is based in Waterford.   The office will forward a Form A1 on which the above EU recommendation should be cited.  The Special Collections Section will then consult with the Northern Authorities and issue a certificate to the effect that the person remains subject to Southern legislation.

Contact address:  Special Collections/CES, Dept of Social Protection, Cork Road, Waterford.  Tel – + 353 1 4715898