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Case Study 3

A frontier worker living in Donegal and working in Fermanagh.  His wife was the main carer for their 3 year old daughter who had a congenital heart disease.  He was being made redundant from his job in Northern Ireland and wanted advice on redundancy pay and benefits, their home was private rented accommodation.  His wife also enquired what benefits they would be entitled to if they now decided to move to Northern Ireland.

Firstly, if the family remains in Donegal:

  • The rate of his statutory redundancy payment in Northern Ireland
  • Entitlement to Jobseekers Benefit in Ireland.  As a wholly unemployed frontier worker he can rely on his National Insurance contributions paid in Northern Ireland to help him qualify (as per EU social security legislation).
  • Entitlement to Child Benefit from Department of Social Protection (DSP) in Ireland. (The family had been getting Child Benefit from Revenue in Northern Ireland under EU social security rules as a result of client’s employment in Northern Ireland.)
  • Loss of Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit from Revenue in Northern Ireland as those payments had resulted from the client’s employment in Northern Ireland.
  • Potential entitlement to Rent Supplement in Ireland whilst the family were in receipt of Social Welfare payments.

Secondly, if the family moves to Northern Ireland:

Updated August 2017