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Broadband in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is now 100% Broadband accessible.

Broadband in Northern Ireland every home and business in Northern Ireland can now access a broadband service after millions of pounds were invested improving internet access.

As with any service it is recommended that you shop around before you commit to a contract. The information available on the NI Direct website can help guide you before making a decision. Information available includes:

  • Different types of broadband
  • What is the difference between broadband and dial-up?
  • Choosing an Internet Service Provider external website

For further information please visit NI Direct:

Cross border issues

As border region tends to be rural, broadband services are usually not as fast as those found in towns and cities. It is therefore important to check that expected broadband speeds will meet your needs before you sign a contract.

Further information

There are a number of initiatives currently underway that aim to make Northern Ireland’s broadband provision the best in Europe. Please see the following websites for further information: