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Blind Pension in Ireland

The Blind Pension is a means tested payment paid to blind and visually impaired people normally living in Ireland.

The Blind Pension is a means tested payment paid to blind and visually impaired people normally living in Ireland. The payment is made by the Department of Social Protection. To qualify for the Pension you will be required to have an eye test by an opthalmic surgeon (paid for by the Department) to verify your visual impairment and certain people with low vision may qualify.

The payment you receive is made up of a personal rate for you and extra amounts for a qualified adult and any child dependants. If you are awarded a Blind Person’s Pension, you may also qualify for the Blind Welfare Allowance. You will automatically get a Free Travel Pass and a Companion Free Travel Pass. (A Free Travel Pass allows you to travel on State public transport in Ireland for free. A Companion Free Travel Pass allows your companion aged 16 or over to also travel for free). You may also qualify for other benefits such as the Living Alone Increase and the Household Benefits Package.

For further information please visit Citizens Information – Blind pension

Cross-border issues

Blind Pension is not normally paid outside the State. However, if you go to live in Northern Ireland, and were getting Blind Pension immediately before you moved, your pension can continue to be paid for up to 5 years, subject to certain conditions.

If you are leaving the State you should tell the Department and return your pension book(s). If you are being paid directly into your bank or building society you should tell the Department, not the financial institution. When you return to the South to live you should re-apply immediately for your pension.

Source: Dept of Social ProtectionIs my payment affected if I go to live outside the state? 

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